Scale your personal training
business with us.

StrengthPortal is a software platform designed
to help you manage and scale your training services.

Designed to meet
the needs of personal training studios.

Build your team's exercise
and program library

Your content, your way. Our software allows you to easily build a workout programming system that your entire team can use.

Leverage templates to save time writing personalized programs.

Fast and flexible
workout tracking tools

We support:

  • 1on1 private personal training
  • Semi-private personal training
  • Hybrid personal training
  • Online remote personal training

Analytics and reports

Tools to track your training teams activity data across all locations

Easily generate reports for clients to show their progress

Mobile apps for
online remote training

StrengthPortal supports 1on1 private training as well as scalable and profitable training services such as hybrid and online coaching for gym members through our mobile apps and API.