Scale your personal training
business with us.

Software for gym chains, gym owners,
and personal trainers to manage and grow training services.

We’ve partnered with leaders in the fitness industry to deliver software that increases training service revenue and supports long-term careers for personal trainers.


Fast programming and tracking tools

Use our responsive web app and mobile apps to track workouts on the floor with clients.

Metrics for gym locations,
training teams, and clients.

Easy access to activity and training service data across each level of your personal training organization.

Build your team's exercise
and program library

We make it easy to build your library with custom exercises, groups, and videos. Share across your organization or keep them private, up to you.

Scale your personal
training services

StrengthPortal supports 1on1 private training as well as scalable and profitable training services such as hybrid and online coaching for gym members through our mobile apps and API.