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Software for gym chains, gym owners,
and personal trainers to manage and grow training services.

We've partnered with leaders in the fitness industry to deliver software that increases training service revenue and supports long-term careers for personal trainers.

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Fast, tablet-based workout tracking

Software designed to help your training teams deliver high-quality training.

Support for hybrid and online training

Looking to expand your offerings beyond in-person training? With StrengthPortal you can now easily offer and manage hybrid and/or online personal training services to increase your revenue.
A personal trainer using StrengthPortal
Two personal trainers using StrengthPortal

Team Management

Learn how our team management tools can help your training teams collaborate and improve the quality of your training services.
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Workout Programming

Tools designed for your training teams deliver high-quality and personalized workouts to help clients reach their goals.
A personal trainer working with a client while using StrengthPortal on an iPad

Client Reports

Easily view and share client data to show their progress over time.