Fast Tablet-based
Workout Tracking

Software for gym chains, gym owners,
and personal trainers to manage and grow training services.

Built for Professional Training Teams

Replace spreadsheets and paper with our responsive web app workout tracking software that was designed specifically for tablets.Screenshot of StrengthPortal workout tracking on a tablet

Exercise History Just a Tap Away

To access a clients exercise history while you're on the floor simply tap on an exercise to view recent workout numbers and historical rep max's across a full spread of rep ranges. This feature within StrengthPortal was designed to give you all the context you need to help guide your client on the right weight to use that day while you're on the floor together.
Screenshot of StrengthPortal exercise history
Screenshot of StrengthPortal exercise rep maxes
Screenshot of StrengthPortal client notes

Client Notes

Record notes to add context that helps you deliver the best workout tracking experience possible. With one tap you can quickly read notes you've written about the clients goals, injury history, and even specific cues that work for them to perform that specific exercise.
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Create Custom Exercises

Whether you are on the floor or planning out your next program, you can add custom exercises with descriptions and videos
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Customizable Metrics

Use the simple reps, sets, weight format or customize each workout exercise with distance and time.
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Single Session View

Maximize your screen space and one-tap information by using our single session view to effectively train on the floor.