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2018 StrengthPortal retrospective: Enterprise launch and platform depth

In 2018 we signed our first contract with a large multi-location gym chain and were off to the races. Throughout the year we built the following platform features and tools to meet the needs of our growing customer base:

  • Ability to support and manage integrations for companies with a custom software ecosystems/
  • Ability to customize the web app colors to match our customers branding
  • Improved in-person tracking flows and features through our responsive web app.
  • Improved our backend to support RBAC (role based access control), the ability to add and customize new user roles to match companies specific needs on our software platform.
Matt McGunagle

Matt McGunagle

CEO & Founder of StrengthPortal. Working hard to help you in between deadlifts and jiu-jitsu!

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