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2017 StrengthPortal retrospective: Version 2

After several years of building and supporting StrengthPortal version 1 our team was inspired to rebuild the platform from scratch. We wanted to take the lessons we had learned about the industry, interviewing dozens of fitness professionals around the world, and from running our company to offer what we viewed as a more valuable platform for the fitness industry.

The goals for version 2 of StrengthPortal were the following:

  1. Build an incredibly fast and scalable backend and API that allowed our company to scale.
  2. Build a software platform that met the needs of single and multi-location gyms for managing their in-person personal training services.
  3. Build tools that made it easy for gyms to add and manage hybrid and online personal training to their business for the first time.

From a platform feature standpoint, V2 of StrengthPortal was similar to V1, but with more depth to support our new company goals:

  • A new modern backend and API built with AWS, mysql, and python.
  • A responsive web app built with react JS.
  • A mobile app built with react native.
  • A master account that allowed a fitness business admin to create and manage their exercise and library account for a training team at a single gym location or multiple gym locations.
  • Exercise library - The ability to add and manage an exercise library for all trainers within your company to use.
  • Program library - The ability to create and manage program templates that every trainer at every location could leverage for their programming to meet their clients specific needs.
  • In-person personal training tracking tools.
  • The ability for fitness businesses to add and manage hybrid and online remote personal training services to their company.
  • Analytics for company admins to view their training teams training activity and client data.
Matt McGunagle

Matt McGunagle

CEO & Founder of StrengthPortal. Working hard to help you in between deadlifts and jiu-jitsu!

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