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2019 StrengthPortal retrospective: Enterprise Ready

In 2019 we received the greenlight from our largest multi-location gym chain customer to go from a few pilot locations to over 100 locations. We handled this process smoothly, scaling without any performance issues or downtime over a 30 day timeline. This was a huge moment for us as a company and as a platform. It showed us that all of the hard word that we had put into rebuilding out platform from scatch to support larger fitness businesses had paid off. We were truly Enterprise Ready as a fitness business software platform.

Throughout the year we released the following updates:

  • New design and frontend rebuild of the web app programming and tracking pages. This made it easier and faster for personal trainers to write and track workouts than ever before.
  • The ability to support custom logic for programming automation leveraging assessment data designed to save trainers time with their programming to set their clients up for success.
  • New backend infrastructure to improve our platforms stability and performance as we scaled our company.
  • The ability to query, view, and export gym, trainer, and analytics data for our customers to integrate into their internal analytics tools.
Matt McGunagle

Matt McGunagle

CEO & Founder of StrengthPortal. Working hard to help you in between deadlifts and jiu-jitsu!

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