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Product update: Benchmark Programs and Reports

After we released Custom Reports earlier this year and collected feedback from customers we saw a path towards unlocking even more value from the foundation that we'd built. We're excited to accounce that we've released the new feature inspired by that research, Benchmark Programs and Reports!

Previously within the StrengthPortal Client Profile Data Viz tab our users only had the the ability to manually create a new custom report each time you wanted to view and share progress with a client. We love the flexibility that Custom Reports offer, but we wanted to build a flow to help standardize and automate report creation for our customers whether they were working out of one location or multiple. This feature release is a huge step forward to achieving that goal. There is a bit of a learning curve to this feature, so let's dive into the details!

The problem
Our customers work extremely hard to sign members of their fitness business to their training service, to get them to come into sessions, and deliver the best training experience possible. With the goal of retaining these clients our customers are always looking for ways to share the progress that their clients are making to help sell that next training package.

Whether it was from a standardized assessment test or a workout program that was repeated performed across specific time periods our customers had created processes internally to pull out specific data and then create reports for their clients to view their progress over time. Here's a common example that we see:

  • Fitness business creates a standard strength focused workout with a fixed list of exercises.
  • Trainers run their clients through this workout once a month and record the weights.
  • Trainers would create spreadsheets with charts with the data and show the highest weight recorded for the client from each session.
  • Clients would receive a report via email with the specific exercises and the weights recorded in charts with nice pretty upwards trends.

Our solution
In order to match the workflow described above and support automation at scale, whether your training team works out of one location or hundreds, we've added a new feature for the SuperAdmin role within your StrengthPortal account to set up and manage.

Benchmark Programs
Benchmark programs are workout programs that can be thought of as a standardized team workout program that SuperAdmins can setup within your account that automatically connect to reports. Once the Benchmark program is created it will be made available to all trainers within your organization to enroll and track with their clients. When this workout is marked as tracked our system takes that exercise history data and adds a tag so we can filter specifically for that data to put into a report for that client.

Benchmark Reports
Benchmark Reports use a Benchmark Program to build a structure for a report by pulling in all of the exercises within that program automatically as well as all exercise history tracked for that client. Even if you program and record an exercise, say Machine Leg Press, 4x a month when you create a Benchmark Report that includes Machine Leg Press it will only display data that was tracked from the Benchmark Program. The data is filtered down to only what matters.

To view a live example, click here: Benchmark Report

The Benchmark Reports include the same features as Customer Reports. Users will have the ability to add branding, notes for their clients about the report, and the report will be a public responsive web page that can be shared across any medium for your clients to view.

We've been receiving great feedback from our customers who have been helping us design and test this feature with us and we're excited to hear your feedback as well!

The Custom Reports and Benchmark Reports features are for you, so we're excited to continue to build upon this foundation to make it the best possible version that it can be.

Matt McGunagle

Matt McGunagle

CEO & Founder of StrengthPortal. Working hard to help you in between deadlifts and jiu-jitsu!

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