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2021 Q3 Retrospective: Improvements to programming, integrations, and franchise support

Hello everyone, really hope that your team and customers are doing well! Here's a quick summary with the latest/greatest of what we've been working on over Q3 2021:


  • New Supported Integration with Jonas Fitness: We've had a wonderful time working with the Jonas Fitness team to learn more about their customer base, API, and building the integration. They recently listed us on their Jonas Fitness partners marketplace and we can't wait to meet more fitness businesses in their ecoystem! To recap the integration goals, we've integrated with Jonas Fitness so that any of their customers can easily onboard their busineses onto our software platform as well. Using their API as our source of truth for staff profiles, member profiles, and location relationships Jonas Fitness customers can use JF as the source of truth for updating client data and then it will be pulled automatically into StrengthPortal. As your business scales your team, members, and locations having a clean integration between our two platforms will save you a ton of time and headache.
  • Franchise support: To support our customers scaling needs we've continued to build out new architecure to support Franchises on the StrengthPortal platform. Similar to our Multi-location structure, customers will be able to setup and manage a Master account for all locations (HQ owned and Franchises) to create and manage the content available to all locations and teams. Specifically, the account will be the source of truth for Exercise Library and Team Library Program templates. As a Franchise location you'll be able to have your own supported integration setup, billing, and be able to leverage all the content your HQ team has set up for you for smooth rampup when you open your new business.
  • Platform speed and stability improvements: We're always making updates here, but we released a few big ones under the hood over the last 4 months that we're quite proud of. These projects pay long-term dividends for our platform and customers.


  • Programming - Replaceing RPE, Rest Periods, and Tempo with an open text field: This opt-in feature was prioritized to give the training teams using our platform more flexibility with the workout session structure that's currently in place. As much as we love the additional metric fields to get specific with programming RPE, Rest Periods, and Tempo simply don't match the needs of the majority of the customers we work with. The new open text field will allow trainers to write in their notes and shorthand that is helpful to keep track of while on the floor working with clients. We'll be following up in another email soon to walk you through the optional update if you want to take advantage of it. One note to add, this will become the default view for all new accounts being made going further.
  • Client Reports: A feature I've long talked about is mapped out with a clear path for release towards the end of this year. Our goal is to make an incredibly easy tool for trainers to generate a report that organizes their cleints progress and exercise history for a specified time range. We want it to be easy-to-use, fast, and a great tool for trainers to help motivate their clients to keep on working hard (and also to buy that next training package wink wink). The UX will be modeled after the Spotify end of year listening summaries that we all know and love. You as the trainer will get a responsive web page that you can view and share with your client. We're excited to get started on this and can't wait to continue to improve it with your feedback over time.



  • New StrengthPortal Guides:

  • Interviews:

    • Jonas Fitness President Scot Burgess: I really enjoyed learning more about the full history of our new partner Jonas Fitness and Scot's personal journey along the way. It's incredible to see how much these software businesses have grown and evolved over the years.

Thank you as always for all the feedback and support. If you'd like to schedule a demo with our team please don't hesitate to reach out.

Matt McGunagle

Matt McGunagle

CEO & Founder of StrengthPortal. Working hard to help you in between deadlifts and jiu-jitsu!

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