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Podcast - What No One Teaches You About Surviving The Coaching Business

Hey Friends! Last week Stevo, the CEO of Habitry, and I sat down again to discuss a big problem for fitness professionals today. The average career lifespan of a personal trainer is 3 years which, to me, is a complete failure by our industry. Once you start to layout what the first six months of the average trainer look like this issue begins to make a lot more sense. At this point in time when future fit pros prepare themselves to be a coach they often choose to spend their time learning exercise and nutrition science. This is the foundation that certification companies and Kinesiology college programs are built upon. But, if you asked any coach who has left this industry it’s very rarely because they didn’t have the ability to coach a push-up.

In this podcast Stevo and I discuss the gaps you can fill to build a long-term career as a fitness professional, the importance of experimentation, and software tools that can help you separate yourself from the crowd. Enjoy!

Link To Podcast – Surviving The Coaching Business

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Matt McGunagle

Matt McGunagle

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