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2021 Q2 Retrospective: Jonas Fitness supported integration, franchise support, and investing into scaling infrastructure

Halfway through 2021 I'm very happy with the progress that we've been making as a company and a fitness business software platform. Q2 of 2021 was a quarter that included several big announcements on our end:

  • We announced that we signed another multi-year parntership with Equinox as the software platform for Equinox training teams to personalize and track workout programs for clients across all Equinox clubs. This was a big moment for us as a company because Equinox was our first multi-location enterprise customer that signed to use StrengthPortal after we rebuilt the platform from scratch in 2017. Our two companies have worked closely together since 2018 and there is still so much value we can create together to help their top-rated training program grow. Lots to look forward to!
  • On the product front we announced that StrengthPortal now has a supported integration with Jonas Fitness. Jonas's customer base closely matches the fitness business segments that we focus on: gyms that offer 1on1 private personal training that are looking to scale their training services. The Jonas Fitness team has been fantastic to work with throughout the entire development process for the integration and we're incredibly excited to fill a gap in their partner store as the #1 personal training software integration. If you're a Jonas Fitness customer and would like to schedule a demo you can use this link here.
  • Additionally we were thrilled to announce that we've signed a multi-year partnership with the Discover Strength team. I've been a big fan of what the DS team and their CEO, Luke Carlson, have been building over the years with their evidence-based approach to personal training studios. On our side we've invested heavily into our supported integration with Mindbody and have also built out infrastructure to support Discover Strength's new franchise program. Any new franchisee that Discover Strength signs will be able to access and leverage their curated exercise and program library from day one powered by the StrengthPortal platform. It's a huge value-add and I can't wait to be a part of their journey.

Along with the updates listed above our team has been working on mapping out long-term platform updates and new features in the following areas:

  • Data visualization for trainers to better analyze clients progress.
  • A tool to easily generate reports to show client activity and progress over a set time frame.
  • Updates and new features for the StrengthPortal mobile app.

To go high-level for a moment, it's been very motivating for the team and myself to see the re-engagement of fitness consumers with their gyms and trainers. We've seen activity continually grow for the last 6 months thanks to the strength of the vaccine. There will still be more challenges to get through with the uncertainty of the Covid-21 delta varient, but our customers at StrengthPortal are better prepared than ever to handle the flexible training needs their clients have. We're thankful that we can be a value-add software tool to the industry to keep fitness businesses going and we'll keep working hard to do our part. Keep up the good work friends.

Matt McGunagle

Matt McGunagle

CEO & Founder of StrengthPortal. Working hard to help you in between deadlifts and jiu-jitsu!

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